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Sunday, March 14, 2010
The List
I recently went on a long bike ride into my Provincial city which is about 16 miles away. I embarked on this journey partly because I wanted to see if I could do it and survive, but really I just wanted to get some Fruit Loops and spaghetti sauce because I had been craving both for like 2 months and there was no other mode of transportation at the time and nowhere else to buy those items. So I set out on my journey determined to make it to my destination before high noon for fear of heat stroke. Not only was this ride challenging do to the fact that it was so far away, but it was even more challenging because I didnt have an ipod to distract my mind. I somehow lost the only cord I had to charge my ipod and it had been sitting in my closet dead and unused for weeks. I was left with my own thoughts and had to find alternate means of entertainment. So I simply began to count. I counted everything I could keep track of. And when I finally got home that night I made my list.

During my 32 miles of extreme (for me anyway) bike riding, the following is what I saw.

72 Motorcycles
32 Trucks
27 Temples
42 Rice fields
17 Bright green houses
25 Dogs (about 7 of which gave chase)
4 Cats
13 Snakes (4 living, 9 dead)
18 Frogs (2 living, 16 dead)
7 Seven Elevens
6 Vilossa Raptor looking lizards
5 Bridges
8 Buses
and 3 turtle

So after 2.5 hours, 32 miles, 2 t-shirts and some very sore lady parts later, I made it home with my spaghetti sauce and Fruit Loops!

Until next time...
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