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Monday, April 5, 2010
Hello All,

The next few posts will be a day by day chronicle of my recent adventures in Malaysia! I apologies in advance for any discomfort some of these stories might cause( specifically on day 3). I just call them like I see them ;-)

Day 1!!

This trip is my first real international backpacker experience. I even borrowed an authentic "backpacker" backpack specifically for the occasion! I strapped as much as I could fit into this huge pack on my back and set out to the airport with my travel mates in tow. Getting to the airport and through customs was a breeze (luckily my back didnt exceed the 15 kilogram weight limit), and soon we found ourselves in Sunny, Malaysia! Even finding the guesthouse we would be staying in was a piece of cake! So we decided to get some food and explore! The first thing we came across was china town which had a really great market!

Once food was eaten and China town was explored, we decided to head to the "Golden Triangle" which is the "monument" part of Kuala Lumpur. In it lives the Petronas Towers, which holds the tallest bridge in the world, the Menara Communications Tower, which is the 4th largest of its kind in the world, and the central market, which is a huge desiner mall right underneath the Petronas Towers. We went up into the communications tower and took an audio tour around the observation deck. It was really really intresting. and we got some beautiful pictures of the Petronas towers from super high up.

We stayed up at the top long enough to see the sun set (though there was a rain storm coming and we couldnt get a good sunset shot). After we came down we went to a cultural show at the tower that was preformed by the youth of malaysia! It was such an amazing show! The kids were cute and very talented, and they preformed the traditional Malaysian dances beautifully. There was a set of identical twins dancing in the cultural show and it made me miss my sister a how lot. I watched the two boys dancing together and it brought me back to all of the things my sister and I would do together. All the sports and activities that made us, us. I miss that a lot, and those boys made it come rushing back. But i kept it together enough to get a pretty good picture of them doing the "bowl dance". All in all it was a really fun first introduction to the country. We went back to our hotel and got ready to head out again for day 2 of our malaysian adventure!

The following are just a few pictures from day 1!

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